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2F Construction Inc. has been repairing damaged drywall in South Florida since 2009. With our proven track record, we confidently offer a full warranty on all our projects. In case of any drywall repairs or worries,, be sure to call our experts today!

How does drywall get damaged?

Have you recently wondered why you suddenly have new knicks and dings in your drywall? 2F Construction Inc. has compiled some of the most common causes of drywall damage. If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry, we can help..

1. Popping nails – this can sometimes happen if the nail was not set securely. Avoid hammering it back in, since you could end up causing further damage, and the nail will likely pop out again.

2. Scuff and scrapes caused by moving furniture. Holes may also result something crashing into the wall.

3. Water damage from leaking pipes. In such cases, the drywall will need to be replaced.

4. Cracking – this can be caused by the house settling or faulty plumbing. Luckily, cracking is easily repairable.

5. Termite damage – this is the hardest to detect in the early stages, but some warning signs include small pinholes in the drywall, a hollow sound when you knock on the wall, bubbling paint, or crumbling baseboards. The affected part of the drywall will need to be replaced if this happens.

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Drywall Repair Miami

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How do you repair drywall?

This depends on the type and extent of damage to your drywall. In cases of minor damage, 2F Construction Inc. will either use joint compound or drywall tape to patch up the damage. We will then sand and paint over the damaged area to make it as good as new.

If the damage is more extensive, we will cut out the affected part of the drywall and replace it with a new section. Joint compound will once again be used to bond the two sections together. Next we will use strips of drywall tape to ensure it remains stable overnight. We will then return the next day to sand the joints down and paint over them if required.

This same process is also used to repair ceilings.

Drywall Repair Miami Beach

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